CAFE (Calar Alto Fiber-fed Échelle spectrograph)


CAFÉ (Calar Alto Fibre-fed Échelle) Spectrograph is a high resolution (R ~ 60 000) échelle spectrograph for single objects in the visible range (400 nm to 920 nm)

Available at: Cassegrain station of the Zeiss 2.2 m reflector

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In a nutshell

Instrument name CAFÉ Spectgrograph
Observing technique Échelle spectroscopy in visible light
Spectral resolution
R = 62 000 ± 5 000
Spectral range
407 nm - 925 nm
2.4 arcsec diameter (200 μm)
Limiting magnitude
V = 14 mag
Calibration system
Thorium and argon discharge lamp
Andor Technologies iKon-L DZ936NBV
2048 x 2048 CCD, 13.5 μm/px, back-illuminated, solid state cooling
Number of useful orders
Image files
16 bits --> 8 mega bytes per image


Observing with CAFÉ Spectrograph


Preparing observations During observations
After observing
Requesting observing time CAFÉ Spectrograph Observing Guide CAFExtractor pipeline
Exposure time simulator Acquisition and guiding camera Th Ar lamp lines identificaton by orders
Standard stars (RV, flux, others) Night logsheet pdf download Th Ar lamps identified on a CAFÉ Spectrograph arc image


More information

Technical data

2013 instrument reference article

2020 instrument upgrade and pipeline reference article

Project developement homepage

Key data

2011 commissioning report

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The instrument has been founded by the Spanish Ministery of Science ICTS project ICTS-2009-32 (using FEDER funds). Fondo Europ eo de Desarrollo Regional, "Una manera de hacer Europa".