Errors are shown as follows:

- Message or description
- Cause or periodicity, if known
- Solution

- Ice.ConnectionLostException error=0
Extremely random and frequent
Soved by resetting ICS, sometimes CUs

- Ice.ConnectionLost (Time Out NCU3222)
Extremely random
Soved by resetting ICS and NIR CU

- Err-4: expected count rate too low (or too high ?)
Solved by opening the ExpMeters

- Err-5: unknown error
Seen when selecting SCIENCE mode from SAFE mode
Solved by trying again

- Err-7: no object found and/or AG window doesn't respond (image frozen)
Happens rarely (last time 04-01-2020)
Change to work at pop-up AG windows instead, or reset ICS (see here)

- Err-11: telescope int error
Not sure
Solved by resetting the AG computer

- Nack-4: exposure already running
If exposure is stopped for any reason
Set to Sleep and Awake again, or reset ICS

- Nack-xx: ???????????????? Observation missing by NIR
Device response error popup on the ICS GUI.
Generally, due to GEIRS hangup. NIR cannot be used anymore.
At night, first try nireset-hardreset.
If that is not enough, use nireset-reboot + nireset-hardreset.

- Nack-31: Wrong parameter. Delay time (~start time)
It is due to the NIR Read & Reset count parameter set above 800s
The solution is to lower that number below 800 (it usually is around
half of the ExpTime)

- Lamp state mismatch
Defective lamp
Solved by changing lamp

- Network.cpp:2169
Scheduler opened too early before observations.
Solved by restarting Scheduler + ICS

- Time out AGC 1897 (or 1907)
Happens rarely (last time 18-08-2019)
Solved by stopping guider by hand and re-acquiring obj.

- Time out FFE
Probs in the FE
Solved by resetting the FE controller

- Broken promise
Not sure
Not sure how it was solved

- Future already retrieved
Random after reaching the target
Solved by acknowledging and repeating Observe command

- InvalidFocustepException
Happens when doing the focus sequence, it dosen't see stars.
Because clouds, dome closed, ...