Centro Astronómico Hispano Alemán

- Observing Template for TWIN Spectroscopy -

Observing Programme

Postal Address:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Observing Programme:
Proposal Number:


(Spectra in x)
Blue: x: y: Red: x: y:
Window Size: Fullframe
Full Longslit Spectrum (Includes Overscan)
Spatial pixels around Spectrum Center (total width)
Slitwidth: Fixed Width (arcsec):
Adjust to Seeing: times FWHM
Gratings: Blue: Order:
Red: Order:
Central Wavelength: Blue: Red:
Position Angle:
(N-S = 0)
Always parallactic Angle
Specified in Target List

Observing Conditions

Sky Brightness:
Photometric Conditions:
Worst acceptable Seeing:

Target List

Target list (ASCII) with the format specified below will be provided (ftp, see below).
This is recommended for larger lists.

No priority, look always for best RA
Target list order indicates strict priority. Go to next object, when the previous one is done (if possible).
Target list order indicates priority. Go to next object, when airmass would be higher than at start of exposure

Target List
  • Use | as separator between entries
  • RA: enter in hh:mm:ss.s format
  • DEC: enter in sdd:mm:ss.s format
  • Time: Enter
    • fixed observing time (sec) (Format: sxxx, default)
    • OR desired S/N in continuum (Format: nxxx)
    • OR desired electrons in maximum (Format: exxx)
      (Example: n80 means an exposure with a signal/noise ratio of 80 for the specified object).
  • Rep's: Enter number of repetitions.
  • Remarks: For long remarks number them and write them into 'General Comments'

Finding charts are supplied on the anonymous ftp-Server of Calar Alto (ftp.caha.es: CApub/teles/incoming/"PI-Name")

Calibrations required:
Sky Flatfields
Dome Flatfields (Screen)
Internal Flatfields
Wavelength Calibration Spectra Ne He/A Fe/Ne Th/A
Flux Standards

Data transfer:
I shall copy the data via ftp; I'll be notified of the directory.
Send me the data on DAT: single FITS-files
Send me the data on DAT: tar-file(s)
Calar Alto will keep the data at least 2 weeks on disk. Before deleting them a security copy will be made which remains on Calar Alto.

General Comments

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